Amber Ale

After tasting some good beers and getting inspiration from friends, and places  while visiting Europe I decided to start making my own beer. Especially there was no excuse after I ran into a beer and wine supply shop Oak Barrel Winecraft just across the street from where I was staying in Berkeley for a few days after I got back from Europe….. Read More »

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First beer making attempts

That’s how it started. First time I made beer I used the most basic brewing kit. I had to  add to the carboy some powders and liquid malt extract. Some boiling water from the kettle and that’s it. Read More »

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Pre Valentine’s Days At Frey’s

Already second year I have a pleasure to participate in In Love with Redwood Valley “A Day of Wine, Spirits and Chocolate”  @Frey wineyard. This time Matt and I made chocolates filled with smoked chestnuts, wild huckleberries/sangiovese/honey. Read More »

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Lake Tahoe half marathon 2010

First of all it’s gorgeous!!! Beautiful day and beautiful vistas. Very good organization. Except little misunderstanding with transportation to a race start. Which was solved on the spot by volunteers.  Lots of water stops, nice race T-shirts, gifts, info, etc. Read More »

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Boletus….at last

       At last. After some rains porcini (boletus edulus) season is kicking in.  It’s nice to find these gigantic mushrooms after dealing only with chantarelles for the last couple of weeks. Nothing’s wrong with chantarelles, they are not a bad mushroom at all……especially if prepared with freshly caught crab, carrots, onions and served with soba….. It’s just nice to find a mushroom which is bigger than your head :)

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Beet salat with Ume vinegar

Nice beets and green onions from Farmers’ Market  means that I will spend some time in the kitchen again…. Sweet and earthy beet flavor goes well with salty ume vinegar. Read More »

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Carrot seaweed salad

On Wednesday it was a low tide…..that means fresh seaweed! Went near MacKerricher State Park and found a nice beach with a lot of rocks sticking out of the sand covered with all kinds of different seaweeds. Some sea creatures swimming in the tide pools or sticking on the rocks waiting for the tide to come in.  Read More »

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