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Lake Tahoe half marathon 2010

First of all it’s gorgeous!!! Beautiful day and beautiful vistas. Very good organization. Except little misunderstanding with transportation to a race start. Which was solved on the spot by volunteers.  Lots of water stops, nice race T-shirts, gifts, info, etc.

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2010 Whale run: 7th out of 131 & 3rd out of 16

     42:43.3 for 10K. Not bad after late night and some beers…. another mistake I made was too warm clothes…. after half a distance I felt too hot. Even it was early, brisk, cloudy morning (start 0830 am), but after some minutes it got sunny and really warm…. But….oh well……

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countdown starts….

     OK. we’ll see how it goes….trying to stick to suggested training program called Smart coach…as only less than 4 weeks left until 2010 26th Annual Run & Walk . Program looks promising and my goal is to break my personal best (not that it is something special as it is only 44 min […]

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