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2010 Whale run: 7th out of 131 & 3rd out of 16

     42:43.3 for 10K. Not bad after late night and some beers…. another mistake I made was too warm clothes…. after half a distance I felt too hot. Even it was early, brisk, cloudy morning (start 0830 am), but after some minutes it got sunny and really warm…. But….oh well……

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Vintage Vita-Mix 3600

Was missing my Vita-Mix 5000 a lot. Thought I could get by with out it for some time as it was too heavy to take it with me on a plain.  It was hard. Not a lot you can do with a regular blender and borowing one (thanx Matt) is not always an option….. 

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Mount Shasta

    Lucky luck…. two days off in a row and both of them with clear skies, warm and sunny…… luxury. On top of that got to go to Mount Shasta. Didn’t planed that for this weekend.  Actually was planing on going opposite direction to hot springs down south near Point Arena. But …..oh well…..

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